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At Psychic Tarot Cafe we offer a wide variety of services ranging from Tarot card readings, palmistry, psychic advisory, and much more. Give us a call and find out what we can do for you. Here is a list of some of the services we offer and what we have done for others.

We have helped others with:
• Reuniting Lovers*
• Heal the Body, Mind and Spirit*
• Chakar & Karma Cleansing*
• Answers to Love*
• Answers to Business*
• Answers to Career Problems*
• Answers to Finances*
• Horoscopes*
• Astrological Charts*
• Divorce*
• Self Confidence*
• Depression*
***Results May Vary (Disclaimer at the bottom)


Love Spells – Love spells are used if you are unsuccessful with looking for a soul mate or a lover in your life or if you have a close relationship with someone and want it to become intimate or if you are in what was once an amazing relationship, but now things are seeming as though they have changed.

Return my lover spell – This spell is used when you want one of your ex-lovers back and the task just seems impossible for you to handle on your own.

Lovers binding spell – This spell is used to create a bond between lovers that will never be broken by any force in the universe.

Fidelity spell - A fidelity spell is used to keep your lover in your arms and only wanting you.

Marriage spell – If you want to get married but your partner is skeptical, use this spell to sway their decision and make them realize they need to be married to you.

Divorce spell - Going through a divorce and want the outcome in your favor? This spell is for you!

Break up spell – This spell is preformed only if you have a deep passion for someone and know that they belong in your life. The spell will only work if the person is not in a committed relationship already.

Reconcile spell – Used when you want to reconcile with your husband/wife during a divorce and possibly prevent the divorce from ever going through the court proceedings.

Fertility or pregnancy spell - If you’ve had complications with pregnancies in the past then use this magical spell to get your little bundle of joy.

Success in business spell – If you are opening a new business? Or maybe just struggling to keep your establishment alive through the recession. Either way this spell is the key to success.

The lucky spell - Good for lottery purposes or anything that requires a little luck.

Job Career Spell - If you’ve been searching for a job, look no further.

Eye for a eye spell – If someone did wrong by you, show them a little payback with this vengeful spell.

Evil eye hex removal spell – This spell requires my expertise as a spiritual warrior and I will call on forces of light from the Universe to cast away any hex from witchcraft, black magic, bad luck, bad karma, etc. to one self family or friend.

Custom spell - If you haven’t seen what you are looking for, we are masters of the Universe and have something for everyone. Need a custom spell? Just ask!


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