Love Tarot Cards & Palm Reading

Love Tarot & Palmistry

Tarot cards and palmistry are talents that only the most spiritually gifted are blessed with. It is something that very few have been able to acquire throughout their life. Do not be fooled by others claiming to have the gift. You will feel it when a psychic is authentic and it’s the same feeling you will receive when walking through our doors.

Our Love Tarot is on-call to provide you with love advice, spells, premonitions, and tons of hope for the future of your love life. If your lover did you wrong or right, or if you want to keep a love or gain a lover, we can take care of it! We have many spiritual techniques that will suit your every need.

All of the psychics at our Los Angeles location are extremely gifted with Palmistry, or more commonly known as palm reading. Most are under the impression that palm readers can tell the future by just looking at the lines (heart lines, life lines and others) and mounts (bumps), but it is actually much more technical then this. Psychics must have the natural intuition only inherited at birth, that will guide others such as yourself, to the right path.

Tarot Spreads | Reading the Cards

How the tarot cards are spread will be determined by the type of person and what is best suited for that individual. We customize your visit to strictly adhere to what YOU need personally. Tarot spreads are very important and replicate sacred geometry that has existed for ages and can be found in every culture at one point in time.

Only the Psychic knows how they should lay the cards out, and you must trust 110% in the power of your tarot card reader. When that bond is created between you and your reader is when the magic happens. That’s when you see the legitimacy of your Psychic and their abilities.

Palm Reading Is A Gift Not Learned

Palmistry is something many think they can just learn. This is not true, however there are many tutorials on the inter web that will claim otherwise. They are all falsifying information. There has to be an energetic connection between the psychic and the Universe with understanding that ONLY with energy from the outer limits can you achieve 100% accuracy.

That’s why the Psychics in Los Angeles at Psychic Tarot Cafe are professionals in this area. We are just waiting for you to either give us a call, or come to our location. (Click here for directions and phone#)



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  1. I absolutely love tarot cards! So when I heard about The Psychic Tarot Cafe in Los Angeles I just had to stop by. This place is incredible and the Psychics really know their stuff! Thank you guys True Love Tarot Cards is TRUE!

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